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The Peace Tent - constructed by artists Otis Bardwell, David Le Moine, Jane Gillespie, will be set up on the lawn of Day One from September 13 - 20. Open daily 10:00AM - 4:00PM for visitors to sit in for quiet contemplation, meditation, or prayer to experience inner peaceful dialogue for five, ten, fifteen minutes, or an hour. Scheduled daily activities for the mind, body, and spirit.

Participants will explore their conceptual understanding of peace at a personal, local, and global level.

6PM - 7PM - Bring your mats and cushions for

Meditation with Lama Khedrub, Bodhi Path, Pasadena

Yoga/ Brain Wave Vibration by Dahn Yoga, Pasadena


7PM - 8PM - Special Presentations (log-on to the link below for daily presentations' schedule)

Drum Circle by Sue Michiels and Remo Drums

Screening of "AYAMYE" a heartwarming film about generosity, kindness,

and compassion by Project Lab Films followed by discussion with the

filmmakers Tricia Todd and Eric Matthies

"Baraka" a visual introduction to the spirit of the world

Reflective writing workshop by writing instructor Elana Golden,

The Writing Studio, Los Angeles

"Baking Bread" performance by artists Charlie Hachadourian and

Poorang Nori

Poetry Circle by writers Dr. Thelma Reyna, Shahe Mankerian,

Marineh Khachadour (bring your favorite peace poem to read)

Flamenco workshop by dance teacher Fatima Mendoza

Zumba Dance workshop by instructor Karine Armen

Steps to Personal Peace presentation based on "Secrets from the Sofa" by

Dr. Kennneth Herman, and the "Peace Pilgrim," Friends of Peace Pilgrim

"Personal Journeys" talks by the members of American Friends Service

Planting, preparation of organic foods, and ongoing arts and crafts projects

by community volunteers

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